Meet Brittany E. Lakin

Brittany E. Lakin is a children’s illustrator from the UK represented by Plum Pudding illustration.  She draws inspiration from folk tales, ghost stories, and nature, which are then translated through pencil textures and fun colour palettes.







Tell us about the illustration process for Dream Big, My Precious One. How do you make a story come alive for a children’s book?


Lots of experimentation! We went through a lot of different thumbnails, some very rough and some more detailed, throwing around ideas how to make the book fun and engaging to read. We also wanted to make sure there was a lot of variety in both the children and illustrations themselves, which again meant more experimentation. Once we’d settled on the core idea it was simply down to getting pencil on paper!



What was the hardest part of illustrating Dream Big? The best part?


The best part is probably seeing it all come together nicely, it’s great seeing the pages together and seeing the colours and story flow nicely through the whole thing. You don’t realise how much you’ve drawn until you step back and look at the entire project. The hardest bit was probably the late nights! I’ve been working long hours as a key worker at the same time as the project but I was determined to put the time into the book.


Can you tell us about some of the other illustration projects you’ve worked on?


My last published piece was a book cover for My Name is River by Emma Rea, published by Firefly Press, which was a delight to work on. I like to give myself my own little personal projects too, like illustrating movies I enjoy, or redrawing old paintings that I like.


What are you working on next? Are there any more books in your future?


I am currently finishing off another book with Magination Press, and am working on getting my own one written and drawn on the side. I definitely see myself working on more picture books in the future.


Just for fun: What is your favorite fall recipe or drink?


I’ve never been a tea drinker or a coffee addict, but I do love a good mug of hot chocolate when it starts getting cold. There’s something very cosy about them.


Where can our readers find out more about you?


I have a website at but my work can also be followed on Instagram under @brittanyelakin, where I post more regular updates and behind the scenes bits.


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